Health Coaching

When it is appropriate, coaching is incorporated into the hypnosis work I do with clients.

Change is extraordinarily compelling to humans, and is our birthright! Making changes that benefit us can be exhilarating, empowering and satisfying; and also scary and quite disruptive to numerous arenas of our lives. Health coaching can provide valuable guidance and support in the change process, and is an integral part of the work I do with many clients.


Through coaching, I help you to prepare for upcoming change, including assessing your needs and examining possible barriers to the change process.


I support you in discovering the key components to sustaining the change you want in your life. I help you to find manageable ways to work these actions and practices into your life. 


I help you to discover the support that is most important in carrying out your plan. This can include social, emotional, spiritual and practical support.

At the completion of our initial work together, my hope is that you will continue to build on the changes you’ve made, going forward. And I will be available for “tune-up” sessions over time, combining hypnosis with coaching, if that’s helpful!