Spoken Blessings

Spoken Blessings are powerful and comforting, and pair beautifully with hypnosis.

The world can be rushed, noisy, and logical. Blessings are sacred, magical, and induce peace.

With hypnosis, transformation comes from your own mind. With spoken blessings, transformation comes both from you and from something much bigger than you.


Blessings are for atheists, agnostics, and folks with a spiritual or religious tradition.


From the outside, a blessing is me saying supportive words related to your important topic, asking for the help of love and intelligence that's bigger than us. What a blessing feels like will be unique to you. In ways I don’t completely understand, blessings always change people for the better.


A spoken blessing can bring peace and grace to challenges or tragedies. It can help you to connect with what is truly right for you, prepare you to gain clarity about your next step, or open unexpected doors, as you go forward with your life.


A blessing can also support an important event or relationship, honoring and celebrating something or someone important to you.


I’ve done blessings for new babies, new homes, and new jobs; for the end of a life and the resurrection of a marriage; for pets and gardens, guidance and inspiration; for impossible problems, for forgiveness and for joy.


I believe that the reason I’m on the planet is to give blessings to people who can benefit from them. Saying blessings for others is my deepest gladness.  


A spoken blessing can be incorporated into your hypnosis session, if you would like that.