About the Process

A powerful and gentle approach to letting go of smoking, vaping or chewing, using a combination of hypnosis and health coaching. 

"I haven't even considered smoking or dwelled on missing tobacco at all since our sessions." RH 

Foundational Package:

The Foundational package is comprised of three sessions that are designed to help you to stop your habit and to address what you need to stay stopped; and coaching support for a full month after you quit. 

Hypnosis helps to clear the problem from your mind, where beliefs and habits are stored. The hypnosis is customized specifically to your needs. You will be in a state of deeply relaxed focus, always in control and hearing everything that’s being said. See "About Hypnosis" for more information about hypnosis. Through preparation for quit day, and ongoing coaching, I'll help you to establish self-care practices for outside the treatment room that will help you to remain nicotine free. See "Overview of the Work/Coaching Component." If desired, a spoken blessing will add spiritual enrichment to your experience. See "About Spoken Blessings." 

Additional Sessions:

Additional work together may support your quitting process, and protect your freedom from that old habit. Subsequent sessions provide opportunity to delve more deeply into root causes of your habit; address any newly-revealed needs; and continue to develop the changes in lifestyle that will keep you healthy and happy. 



Our work together, along with your commitment to use tools and strategies to sustain your change, provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of freedom from nicotine use.


Ongoing Work:

Once your nicotine cessation work is complete, there may be additional areas where you’d like support: examples are your relationships with people, spirituality, work, money, food, confidence, and creativity . . .


And you are always welcome to contact me later in time for any reason! As you grow and change, you’ll likely have new challenges that I’d love to help you with.



Please note: While hypnosis can effectively supplement medical treatment, it is not a substitute for medical treatment. Further, Erika Bunnin will never diagnose any aspect of a client's physical or mental health.

There is no guarantee of specific results; clients' results can vary.


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