Written Blessing

Example of a written blessing . . . Read on . . .

I usually do in-person spoken blessings for people, in the context of a hypnosis session . . . While it’s a powerful and personal experience to receive a live blessing that’s just for you, a written blessing can benefit you, as well!

Know that these words are just a container that holds the intention for what’s right for you, which I don’t know. My words don’t matter as much as that intention! Receive anything that’s helpful; let go of anything that doesn’t feel like a fit for you ~

Please fill in the blank at the beginning with “Love” or something else that’s meaningful to you, if you’re an atheist or agnostic; or with your own word for divine love/higher power . . . 



Hello ________________________,

So here we are, a new year . . .

Please soothe the parts of us that are confused about where to start, what to do, what to let go of . . .

Help us remember to connect with you, before we launch into activity. Connect with love, with our own hearts, with a deep quiet. Maybe just our breath. Or our sense of our own goodness. 

If there are people who do something we do, and they do it “better” than we do it, help us to be happy for them . . . And then understand that we are needed, too. And it’s not about greatness, achievement and success. It’s about the unique imprint we each bring to what we do. Our spirit infuses it. Our story informs it. The people we’re drawn to need our particular gifts—our imperfect gifts.

When we feel lost and want to run away, change something, do something, help us to sit still and feel. We can cry if we need to. We can feel discomfort. We can know how connected we are to other humans in the desire to take action in order to make difficult feelings go away. We can name those feelings, instead. Fear. Sorrow. Anger. Joy, even, and the way it can thaw our hearts, which can feel like pain. Or if we don’t know the names for the feelings, we can still sit and feel them.

Hear the voice of Love itself saying “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.” Whatever troubles you most about your own self, it’s okay.

If you need to scream, about anything or about everything, do it inside your own mind. Go somewhere safe and spacious in your mind and open your mouth and scream! For as long as you need to.

And then trust yourself. Listen to yourself. Even if what you hear inside is different from what other people want for you. Be radical, even if being radical is being soft and ordinary in a world that wants you to be amazing.

Trust in love. It’s here no matter what craziness is around us and inside of us. Trust it especially when it’s hard to feel it. Know that it fills you and surrounds you. You have it, it’s yours.

And remember that the world needs you, exactly the way you are right this second. So you can stop worrying about whether that’s true, and cherish your day.

With love from Erika