IBS Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be life-changing for those with IBS, and solid research backs that up~

IBS Hypnosis is for people who want to add hypnosis to other approaches to healing their IBS. It's for people who don't respond to medication, dietary changes, or other healing modalities. And it's for people who prefer not to take medication. 


The IBS Hypnosis Program includes between six and twelve one-to-one  hypnosis sessions customized for IBS sufferers in general, and for you specifically.


Stress can influence IBS symptoms for many people.

Hypnosis and health coaching help you learn to manage your stress.

Unresolved emotional issues or fears can be connected with IBS.

Hypnosis helps you to let go of emotional pain and long term fears.

There is a connection between your mind and your intestinal function.

Hypnosis helps you learn to use your mind to ease your IBS symptoms. 



A significant body of published research on hypnosis treatment for IBS

shows that:


A majority of IBS patients who receive hypnosis experience significant improvement in bowel symptoms and overall well-being.

For a majority of patients who respond to hypnosis, the improvement lasts for years.

Hypnosis can work just as well for patients who have failed to benefit from standard medical therapy


(To see a list of studies, click here and see “Overview of the research on hypnosis for IBS”)

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