About the Sessions

I specialize in helping clients let go of emotional pain, when they are ready to move on

"Erika's words and manner take me deep into the happy, knowledgeable place from which I am best able to help myself." AW



Highly customized hypnosis supports the change that's important to you. See "About Hypnosis." 

If desired, a spoken blessing can be incorporated into your session to add powerful support to your experience. See "Spoken Blessings." 


Parameters of Sessions:


"It's okay for it to take time to heal." (Scott Sandlin, Hypnotherapist)


I generally see clients for between three and twelve sessions, depending on what you end up needing, to experience and sustain the change you want. A percentage of clients choose to do longer-term work.

Each session is 75 minutes ~

Please call for information on pricing and packages ~

The first appointment includes a detailed conversation about you and what you need. The hypnosis portion of the first session is a gentle introduction to our work together; and we begin to "plant seeds" for your upcoming change.  


Subsequent sessions usually occur at one to three-week intervals. Through hypnosis, we set in motion the change that is important to you. If appropriate, through coaching I'll help you develop tools for sustaining change. If desired, spoken blessings are incorporated into your sessions.


Revisiting Hypnosis:

Once an initial series is complete, it’s common for clients to come in for “tune-ups” over time, as they reach points where they want extra support. As you grow and change, you’ll likely have new challenges in your life!




As a health educator, I'm committed to referring you to other professionals if that seems appropriate, for example, psychotherapists, body workers, grief counselors, or nutritionists. 

There is no guarantee of specific results; clients' results can vary.


While hypnosis can effectively supplement medical treatment, it is not a substitute for medical treatment. Further, Erika Bunnin will never diagnose any aspect of a client's physical or mental health. 

Privacy Policy: Your contact information, and the content of your sessions, will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any person or organization.  


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