Erika is one of the most caring, soothing, talented practitioners I know. Her words and manner take me deep into the happy, knowledgeable place from which I am best able to help myself. I highly recommend her work for any and all conditions that have a stress or pain component. AW


I just wanted to thank you for guiding me through the hypnosis process for smoking cessation. I haven't even considered smoking or dwelled on missing tobacco at all since our sessions. And I'm around people who smoke often!

I know I was ready to quit but wouldn't have been able to without your help. RH


I sought Erika out for help with a chronic health condition and was immediately impressed by her unique blend of compassion, intuition, and knowledge. She asked insightful questions and listened deeply to my responses; she then used that information to develop a treatment plan for me. During each session, Erika worked on a slightly different aspect of my health issue, including physical, relational, and spiritual. I never would have thought to compartmentalize it like that, but it turned out to be a brilliant approach. Erika also taught me a number of techniques that I could do at home on my own, and educated me about my unconscious mind's ability to help me feel better. Finally, she helped me understand that there is no silver bullet for me; I'm not going to do one thing and be cured. Instead, I need a combination of approaches to manage my condition. Hypnotherapy is an important part of this combination and I feel incredibly grateful to have Erika on my team of caretakers. IG


There are few times in life one has truly transformative experiences, both as they are happening and their long-term impact. I have actually had several and I must say, this is in the top three. Erika is amazing! Knowledgeable about her field, sensitive to diverse experiences, caring and earnest, she is a rare find and you will not regret working with her! KB


I give my absolute highest recommendation to anyone seeking to be rid of an annoying or unhealthy habit to see Erika for hypnotherapy.  For the last 10 years, I’ve had a crown on a back molar that my dentist couldn’t get to sit quite right. The result was that I would constantly grind that tooth. I figured I would just have to live with it, until I did hypnosis with Erika. Working with her was easy—she explained what she was doing, and was very straightforward and friendly. The experience was highly relaxing and enjoyable. Since working with her, I haven’t ground my teeth for months. Knowing that my own unconscious mind helped me let go of that habit is amazing, and I am highly confident that I will remain free of it. AB

Receiving a spoken blessing from Erika was one of the most profound experiences I've had. The rest of the day went better than any day I've had in a long time. L


During hypnosis you guided me to the origin of a feeling I have undergone countless hours of therapy over, read millions of pages of self-help books over, and cried rivers of tears over. I thought I was ALL DONE and couldn't understand why it was still showing up. I finally realized it was connected to the protection that literally saved my life in the past. With your patient guidance, I was able to let it go. I now feel as though my heart is healed, strong and fully functional as an instrument of attraction and output as opposed to one of longing and protection. I'm still understanding and feeling what that difference means, but my life is definitely changed. AH

Several months have passed since I worked with Erika, and I’m confident that a nearly lifelong habit is gone for good. Since I was 13, I habitually scratched at several spots on my scalp, a consequence of psoriasis. After doing hypnosis, I’ve never again scratched, and my psoriasis plaques have all but disappeared! Whatever place in my unconscious mind that habit lived, it’s moved out. During my work with Erika, I felt calm and safe, was fully aware of what was happening, and confident in Erika’s integrity and skill. BB

Note: There is no guarantee of specific results; clients' results can vary.



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